Idaho Angler | Fishing Report
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Owyhee River

269cfs– The dry fly fishing remains consistent in the afternoon and into the evening. The strongest PMD hatch is still going off above the tunnel starting around 2pm and going till around 5pm in the evening. Later in the hatch fishing spinner patterns especially rusty spinners can be the difference with picky fish sipping in the film. During the later part of the PMD hatch we have also seen a mix of baetis coming off to mix up your options as well.

Flies to use: Split Case PMD, Split Case BWO, Baetis Bomb, Zebra Midge, FB Pheasant tails, Hares Ear, San Juan Worm, Cranefly larva, Dirty Bird, Last Chance Cripple,Captive Dun,CDC Biot Dun, Tilt Wing PMD, Improved Sparkle Dun, CDC Paraspinner CDC Thorax PMD, CDC Spinner, CDC Rusty Spinner, Short Wing Emerger BWO, Wild Turkey Baetis, CDC Comparadun BWO, CDC Baetis Spinner, CH Trick or Treat, JJ Special.


South Fork of the Boise River

1650cfs – The salmonflies have finally finished but we have still been picking fish up on golden stones as well as hoppers this past week. There has also been a decent Pink Albert hatch that starts in the afternoon that tends to taper off towards the evening. With the amount of pressure its been receiving dropping a small nymph off of your golden stone or hopper this time of year can double your amount of hookups.


Flies to use: Three Dollar Dip, OCD Caddis Tan, King Prince, Copper Johns, Restless Stone. Double Bead Stone, WMD Stone, BH 20incher, Profile Pink , Parachute Pink, CDC Pink Emerger, Last Chance Cripple Pink, Pink Hackle Stacker, Rogue Stone Golden, Hedgehog Golden, El Camino Golden, Trina’s Noble Chernobyl, Barred Leg Golden Stone, Chubby Chernobyl, Big Secret Hopper.


Silver Creek

124cfs –If you’re willing to get up before the sun the Trico’s are coming off early in the morning right now followed by Baetis and PMD’S later into the morning. The Callibaetis are coming off at around 9:30am tapering off at around noon. The damsels are coming off in the afternoon so be sure to have some adults as well as the nymphs to cover your bases. This time of year it never hurts to have a good selection of terrestrials such as hoppers and beetles to hit the banks with to bring up some nice fish.

Flies to use: Trico Paraspinner, CDC Trico Spinner, BWO Spinners, BWO No Hackle, BWO Sparkle Dun, Captive Dun PMD, Last Chance Cripple PMD, CDC Thorax PMD, Hackle Stacker Callibaetis, CDC Spinner Callibaetis, CDC Paraspinner Callibaetis, Wiggle Damsel, Deer Hair Damsel, Morrish Hopper, Ants, beetles, Split Case PMD & BWO, Pheasant Tails, Beatis Bomb, Callibaetis nymph, Dirty Bird, No Name Damsel, Olive Damsel.


big rainbowBoise River

1780cfs- The Boise river is still a high to wade fish, but rumor has it the flows will drop in the next few days. Be sure to stay tuned for updated reports as the river stabilizes and comes into shape.


Idaho river flows