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Owyhee River


38cfs– With the inclement weather as of late we have seen some great midge and baetis hatches. Be aware of throwing streamers in front of browns that are spawning on redds. However streamers are always a good bet this time of year when the browns are fired up. If fishing is tough try nymphing with Zebra Midges- especially this time of year- can save the day.

Flies to use: Baetis Bomb, Split Case BWO, FB Pheasant Tail, BH Thorax Emerger BWO, Zebra Midge, WD-40, San Juan Worm, CDC Biot Dun BWO, Last Chance Cripple, Hackle Stacker BWO, CDC Thorax BWO, Trailing Shuck Midge, CDC Hanging Midge, CDC Quill Midge, Scuplzilla, Zonker, Slump Buster.


South Fork of the Boise River


302cfs – With winter weather approaching we will start to see more midges hatching. The Baetis hatch should also start to become less sporadic with the weather changing. The most effective method to get into fish is by nymphing. If you fish streamers be sure to cover water.

Flies to use: Copper John, Prince Nymph, BH Hare’s Ear, FB Pheasant Tail, King Prince, Split Case BWO, Baetis Bomb, Zebra Midge, Double Bead Stone, Restless Stone, Para Quill BWO, Hackle Stacker BWO, Hatch Matcher BWO, CDC Thorax BWO, Sculpzilla, Zonker, Sculpin Leech, Montana Mouth Wash.

Silver Creek


153cfs –  The fall Baetis fishing has been phenomenal as of late on the creek. The summer crowds have dissipated making it easy to find open water and rising fish. Streamers can also intrigue some big browns this time of year. But you better hurry as old man winter is fast approaching.

Flies to use: Pheasant Tails, Zebra Midge, Miracle Midge, Baetis Bomb, Split Case BWO, Wild Turkey Baetis, Last Chance Cripple BWO, Captive Dun BWO, Hackle Stacker BWO, CDC Thorax BWO, CDC Quill Midge, CDC Hanging Midge, Trailing Shuck Midge.


big rainbowBoise River


279cfs- The fishing in town has been phenomenal this fall with many anglers catching some monster browns and some nice rainbows as well. The most productive methods in town lately have been nymphing as well as throwing streamers.

Flies to use: Hares Ear, Copper John, Pheasant Tails, Zebra Midge , San Juan Worm, Prince Nymph, Hackle Stacker BWO, CDC Thorax BWO, Last Chance Cripple BWO, Wild Turkey Baetis, Para Quill BWO,  CDC Hanging Midge, CDC Quill Midge, Loop Wing Emerger, Nancy P, Scuplzilla, Slump Buster, Sculpin Leech, Meat Whistle, Zonker


Idaho river flows