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Travel With The Idaho Angler

Travel With The Idaho Angler

Hosted Trips


Christmas Island – Feb. 26 – March 5, 2019
With Tom Governale

This is a great fishing adventure for both the novice and experienced salt water fly fisher. The atmosphere is relaxed and the fish cooperative, forgiving and plentiful. Christmas Island offers miles of easy to wade, hard bottom flats with most fish available within a 50 foot casting range. Although the main target species are bonefish and Giant Trevally, a dozen or more species, including, trigger fish, clown fish, jacks, grouper, shark, wrasse, sweetlips, puffers, milk and more are available. Common size bone fish are 16”– 24” with bones over 30” possible. While Giant Trevally’ (GT’s) over 100 lbs. are available, GT’s up to 60lbs. are common. Blue water fishing for tuna, GT’s, sharks and other species is an option if you want to expand your Christmas Island experience…….although, walking and sight fishing the flats is hard to leave even for a day. The guides are attentive and hardworking and understand the needs of fly fishers. An 8 weight rod and floating line should be your main set up for the majority of your bonefish fishing. GT’s will require a minimum 10 weight and preferred 12 weight rod – again floating line for flats.  If you decide to blue water fish, a fast sinking line, or tip, is recommended. The basic bonefish flies; Christmas Island Specials, Chili Pepper, Crazy Charlies, Clousers, and all the variations tied sparse in sizes 6-8 are staples and effective. GT’s are aggressive feeders and will take a variety of streamers in a variety of colors (make sure you have black, white and orange). The more experienced and adventurous fly fishers should consider taking a 6 weight set up for bones and alternative species. Just beware, that a 6 wt. rod might return home in more pieces than it went.

While Christmas Island (actually the largest Atoll on the planet) is third world (part of the Republic of Kiribati), the accommodations are comfortable and the food good. The lodge was updated and renovated approximately three years ago. The Atoll is located about 1200 miles south of Hawaii, just north of the equator, and offers stable weather with a constant 12 hours of daily sunlight throughout the year. The natives (there are a number of small villages on the atoll) are friendly and welcoming. Even with the sparse villages and native people, Christmas Island is secluded and offers a secluded feel. You will need to overnight in Hawaii on the way going and can make the return trip in one day, although, many decide to overnight both ways.

The trip will be either 8 or 9 days, depending if you overnight twice in Hawaii and runs from a Monday through the following Tuesday or Wednesday.

Tom Governale, Trip Leader, fished Christmas Island about 4 years ago and is excited to be returning. For further information and details, you can stop by the shop and talk with Tom (Monday and Thursdays) or Tim (Monday – Friday) or call the shop at 208-389-9957 (Monday – Sunday) or call Tom direct at 208-869-0844.

NOTE: Trip requires a minimum of three people with deposits by May 15, 2018

Cost of the trip is $2,575 for lodging plus cost of round trip airfare from Boise to Christmas Island, overnight lodging in Hawaii and guide/miscellaneous gratuities and alcohol drinks. Estimated inclusive cost is $4,200 – $5,000.

For schedules, rates and additional information, please contact us.

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