Idaho Angler | Guatemala Sailfishing in 2019
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Sailfishing in Guatemala

Guatemala Sailfish Trip  (Feb. 10 – 17, 2019)

NOTE:  This is a 2019 trip

Casa Vieja Lodge, Puerto San Jose, Guatemala

Trip led by Joy and Don Knickrehm for The Idaho Angler

Dear Friends:  Joy and I will be hosting our third sailfish trip to Central America in February, 2019.  We have four boats reserved, and three of those are now booked.   I am informed by the Lodge that an additional boat may be available if we act quickly.  Boats will accommodate up to 4 anglers comfortably.  We had 4 on board when we fished with two other friends in Costa Rica a few years ago (very successful trip).    NOTE that this is a 2019 trip. When I tried in July  to book this trip for 2018, all of the prime dates were sold out.  They had “shoulder” dates open in 2018, but I don’t want to do a trip like this in less than prime time.  So we found prime time dates in 2019.


I hope you will join us, as it is certain to be a very exciting and fun time.  It is hard to describe the adrenaline rush that comes as the sailfish chases the teasers to the back of the boat, and then you make the quick short cast to get the fly in front of the sailfish.  The fish usually takes, and it is off to the races. This Lodge is highly rated, and they have all of the equipment. I will take my 12 wts rods and reels because I prefer the lighter rod, and on the two sailfish trips Joy and I have done, 12 wts worked fine.  However, as I recall, Joy liked the 14 wts better.  They offer a little more fighting leverage.  If the fish runs and jumps (normally they do) the battle will be around 15 minutes.  If the fish sounds (goes deep) and sulks, it is better to break them off and move to the next fish, as it can take over an hour to get a sounded fish to the surface.


The lodge does have single rooms and if you are interested in that, I can check to see if there is an up-charge for a single room.  Basic rates are based on person per boat (i.e. it is more expensive for 2 persons in a boat than for 3 persons.)  The rates listed are all inclusive of boats, captain/crew, equipment (rods, reels, etc.), flies, lodging, meals, etc. Pretty much the standard lodge arrangement, except rods, reels and flies are not normally supplied. Click HERE for more details.  Rates:  4/boat = $2930 each; 3/boat = $3600 each; 2/boat – $4390 each.


The itinerary is:

Sunday ( Feb. 10, 2019):   fly Boise to Guatemala City and overnight

Monday: Lodge van transfers us overland to the lodge. Rest of day for relaxing, organizing, drinking by the pool, etc.

Tuesday, Weds., and Thurs.: fish (full day)

Friday:  Check out of the lodge and transfer to hotel of choice

AT this point (Friday) you can elect to fly back home, or stay around Guatemala a couple of days for some touring (which Joy and I intend to do, gong to Antigua for a a couple of days and then transferring to the airport in Guatemala City Sunday and flying home.)  Your choice.


Let me know if you are interested or have questions.  I need a deposit of 10% by  Thanksgiving to hold the boats and crews.


Joy and I will do a couple of informal clinics at the fly shop next fall (no charge, and we keep it fun), to help everyone prepare for the fishing, although it is not complicated and does not require long casts.   However, if you have not fished big game on a fly rod, a little practice is probably in order.   Feel free to call me or email me with questions.


If you are interested, time is of the essence.  I expect all boats to be fully booked shortly.  A deposit of 10% is required to reserve your spots.

Don Knickrehm


Cell phone:  208-867-5131