Snake River
Swan Falls Dam
This dam on the Snake River is 45 minutes south of Boise and located in the Birds Of Prey National Conservation Area. The river below the dam is home to a very healthy population of smallmouth bass, channel catfish, carp, crappie, and the occasional rainbow trout. Bass are the usual targets and are easily fooled with most streamer-type patterns such as woolly buggers and zonkers. Catches of forty or more smallmouth in a summer evening are not uncommon, with an occasional rainbow or channel catfish keeping things interesting. Fishing is done primarily from the bank, with some early season fishing for smallmouth bass by boat

Non-fisherman can enjoy the rugged beauty of this area with its breathtaking overlooks along the canyon rim and numerous great hiking trails along the sheer rock faces below the canyon walls. Bird-watchers will marvel at sightings of Prairie and Peregrine Falcons, Merlin, various hawks, Golden and Bald Eagles, and several species of owls.

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