Silver Creek
Perhaps one of the most famous spring creeks in the west, Silver Creek is the destination of thousands of fly fisherman each year. From the early season 'easy' fishing to the most challenging fall fishing, Silver Creek will test the skill level of all who ply its crystal clear waters.

Silver Creek lies in the southern end of the Big Wood River valley about 2½ hours east of Boise. The portion of Silver Creek above the Highway 93 Bridge is open from Memorial Day through November 30th. Above Highway 20 is Silver Creek's most famous stretch. It includes the Nature Conservancy's Silver Creek Preserve, considered to be the holy water of the creek.

Pale Morning Duns start the season here and continue through most of the season. As is true with most mayfly cycles, first of the season bugs will be larger and get smaller as the season continues.

The impressive Brown Drake hatch begins as early as late May on the creek. Point of Rocks (north of Highway 20) is the area of heaviest emergence, but the preserve water also experiences the emergence of this size 10 mayfly, exciting both fish and fly fisherman. All stages of this big mayfly are worthy of imitation.

Callibaetis and baetis begin hatching in June, followed by the famous trico hatch in late July. The angler that wants some explosive action on a bigger fly will find fishing an adult Damsel in late June through the warm days of August to be exciting fun. Casting up to weed beds where Damsels are landing can be more than the pickiest of trout can handle. Mahogany Duns are important in September and October during the heaver baetis hatches of fall. Terrestrials such as grasshoppers, beetles and ants can produce great results from mid summer to the first freezes of fall.

For the non-fisherman, Silver Creek Preserve is a wonderful place. Miles of hiking trails afford opportunities to view the ample wildlife of this area. Deer, Coyotes, the occasional Moose and hundreds of species of birds can be found within the preserve boundary.

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