Owyhee River


With Both the temps and river flows down expect to see Midges and Baetis out during the warmer part of the day. Also with the browns still spawning we kindly ask that you avoid the shallow riffles and redds.

Flies to use: Zebra Midge, Split Case Baetis, Pheasant Tail,  Juan’s Flux Capacitor, CDC Hanging Midge,CDC Quill Midge, Last Chance Cripple, Sparkle Dun.

South Fork of the Boise River


 The fishing has been weather dependent as of late. On milder days look for Baetis and Midges to be out in the afternoon during the warmest part of the day. As Always this time of year nymphing with small attractor nymphs along with small Baetis and Midges can get you into fish.

Flies to use: Restless Stone, Jig Frenchie, Copper John, CDC Midge Quill, CDC Hanging Midge, Sparkle Dun BWO, Hackle Stacker BWO, Sculpzilla, Meat Whistle.

Silver Creek


With cooler weather look to fish the few hours in the afternoon when its the warmest. Look for small Baetis and Midges to be coming off. The Conservancy section all the way to Hwy 20 Bridge closes at the end of the month. However the section below Hwy 20 to the Point of Rocks remains open till February next year and can provide some excellent Midge fishing.

Flies to use: Last Chance Cripple, CDC Thorax, Captive Dun, Hackle Stacker, Zebra Midge, Split Case, FB Pheasant Tail.

big rainbow

Boise River


Nymphing remains the most productive method of picking up fish in town. Fishing smaller attractor nymphs along with your tradition nymphs such as Pheasant tails and Hare’s Ear.  we also have been picking a few fish up on streamers fished with a slow to medium retrieve.

Flies to use:  Prince Nymph, Hare’s Ear, Birds of Prey Caddis, Pheasant tail, Tiny Tailwater, Sparkle Dun BWO, CDC Thorax, Hackle Stacker, Sculpzilla, Sparkle Minnow.

Duck Valley


We have had some decent reports coming in from Billy Shaw as well as Mountain View. Fishing leeches on a full sinking line has been producing some decent fish. Fishing Magic Perch and other perch imitations are another good bet as fish are looking to stock up for the winter months.

Flies to use: Balanced Ruby Eye Leech, Rowley’s CBO, Bead Belly Leech,Frostbite Chironomid, Ice Cream Cone, Magic Perch, Chromie, Jolly Rancher, Pregnant Scud, No Name Damsel.


Idaho river flows